Women Wednesday - Meet Tiffany, the Imaginative Novel Writer.

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With that idea in mind, we wanted to introduce our newest weekly feature - Women Wednesday. Each week we'll be featuring a woman that is passionate about what she does in hopes to inspire and teach others along the way. 

Meet Tiffany - the imaginative novel writer based out of Calgary. Tiffany is on her way to publishing her first novel all while being a mom to a toddler and finishing her writing degree. 

Calgary Novel Writer

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a fifth-year English Major at MRU, minoring in creative writing, have a 2-year-old son with my partner, Trent. I plan on publishing my first novel next spring, barring any complications. I’ve always been very creatively-minded, reading novels by the time I was in grade 2, singing, acting, drawing, and—of course—writing.
Calgary novel writer

What led you to writing?
Honestly it was the most unexpected thing. I don’t know how many people remember the Provincial Achievement Tests in Alberta, but part of the grade 6 Language Arts PAT was to write a short story. I remember sitting there after finishing my exam and thinking about how much fun it was. I started writing in my free time that summer and never really stopped.

Tell us what you’re working on now.
Right now I have a few works-in-progress. One is Breaking Darkness, which I’m punching out as a Wattpad story. Mostly this one is to gain some sort of readership before I publish. What my main work is is The Wanderer’s Fear—this one I’ve been working on since ninth or tenth grade. It’s gone through a lot of rewrites as my writing has developed but I’m finally ready, after this last editing round, to get some beta readers, professional edits, and get it out there. And then I always have a few really small works floating around whenever I’m stuck on my main two. It’s a pretty big list of works, generally if I don’t get at least a page or two down of an idea it just disappears.
Breaking Darkness by Tiffancy LeBlanc
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere and nowhere, if I’m being completely honest. Sometimes it comes out of the blue and sometimes one scene of a book or movie or game just sticks with me and something forms around that. For instance The Wanderer’s Fear started from playing The Legend of the Dragoon, there was one scene in the second disc of the game after a major battle that I just kept running through my head over and over. My brain came up with another scene on a rainy day and together they kind of merged into one relationship around which the entire story is built.
Writing a book, going to school, and being a mom—how do you keep everything on track?
Haha, I’m pretty sure I don’t. I do what I can, but no one wants to be in my brain on any given day, they’d go insane. In part it helps that I’m minoring in Creative Writing, so a lot of my university classes have been fiction-oriented, so even if I can’t actively get my stories written I’m still at least “working” by getting quality reading done. My partner, Trent, is a godsend, really. He’s been supportive of my writing from the day we met and the only reason I’m able to get as much writing done this summer while school is out as I have is because he agreed that it needed my focus. He’s the one I talk to if I’m stuck or I noticed a plot hole—I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to rewrite because he went “Hey, you know what might work better…?” and he was right. He’s made sure to take Kieran off my hands for a few hours when he can so I can get some writing done while he’s home. I can’t do any computer work while Kieran is awake (he tries to join in on typing) and all of my work is done on the computer right now. I’m usually a pen-and-paper person for my first drafts but Breaking Darkness has been the exception this time around. As much as it pains me, writing usually ends up being back-burner to everything else. During the school year obviously, schoolwork comes first and there’s so much reading to be done and essays to be written that I’m lucky if I get a few pages written in a semester. And during the summer I want so badly to focus on my son since I feel so inattentive during the school year with all of the work. I try to get some good reading done when Kieran is playing on his own and writing when he’s napping or in bed. It’s definitely difficult but somehow it gets done and I’m still (mostly) sane.Calgary novel writer
What’s your favorite type of books to read?
Fantasy, hands-down. Young Adult fiction mostly, but I have some classic fantasy on my shelves as well. I’ve actually just gotten into some Epic Fantasy; anyone who follows my author pages will know by now that I’m currently reading Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings right now and loving it. I have tried to branch out a little more in the last year or so with some thriller/mystery and some classics, but I think Fantasy will always be my go-to for casual reading. My courses have definitely pushed open my options for reading, I have a few on my shelves now that I like quite a bit even though they aren’t my usual choices.
3 random facts about you.
Well, I considered being a seamstress for a while there. My mom taught me and my sister how to sew when we were younger so we could make our own halloween costumes and it was when she and I were making some costumes for a school play I thought maybe I could go into costuming. It wasn’t long after that I realized I had nowhere near the skill level needed for it haha. I did make a pretty good Princess Peach costume one year though.
I have an obsession with notebooks and pens. It’s probably not random if there are any other writers reading this, but I have probably 30 or so notebooks but I’ve only written in about half of them, and I have a box full of pens. I had to ban myself from Staples to stop myself from buying more.
I have two full sets of the Harry Potter series, and know that eventually, it will be 4 or more sets. We have one very well-read set, and one that hasn’t been touched yet but will be my ‘study’ copy of the series because I want to break down every little aspect of the series and see how Rowling put them together. But I’m also collecting the entire Ravenclaw hardcovers of the 10th anniversary editions and the box set with ‘adult’ (i.e. not cartoonish) covers is on my wish list. Like, top of my wish list. And we’ve also discussed getting the 10th anniversary covers of the other houses as well, but we’re both Ravenclaws so we’re collecting that first. We even have the three illustrated books that have been released for us to read to Kieran. We also have the entire series on blu-ray—I love seeing all the differences between the books and the movies.
Anything else you’d like to add?
Just that I believe in going for your dreams. My whole life I knew I was never going to be cut out for standard jobs, absolutely none of my interests overlapped a typical field. It’s hard and painful at times but knowing that one day my books will be in print is just an amazing feeling. I have woken up every day for years thinking about writing and gone to bed dreaming scenes. I’m a writer. I firmly believe that if you can’t go a day without thinking about writing, or singing, or painting that that is what you are meant to do.
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