Women Wednesday - Meet Tarin, the Supportive Certifying Doula

The foundation of Crane & Sparrow is to be a community where women can not only look good but feel good and do good as well. Crane & Sparrow is a place where women can feel inspired, and lift each other up - where we celebrate our successes and others as well. 

With that idea in mind, we wanted to introduce our newest weekly feature - Women Wednesday. Each week we'll be featuring a woman that is passionate about what she does in hopes to inspire and teach others along the way. 

Meet Tarin - the supportive certifying doula based out of the Fraser Valley. 

Valley Mama Do​ula C​are​

Tell us about yourself: 
My name is Tarin Springer and I am a Certifying Labour, Birth & Postpartum Doula with Doula Canada, and the Owner of Valley Mama Doula Care.  I am a mother to my 2 year old son, and wife of an amazing and hardworking plumber. I am from Abbotsford BC, Canada. I am 28 years old, and I have a passion for all things Birth! 
What made you want to become a Doula? 
I had a very traumatic birth experience when I had my son, and It was after I processed everything that had happened that made me pursue my dream of becoming a Doula so that I could help families to have better experiences with their births, and to make sure that they understood everything that was happening. My goal as a Doula is to not let another woman be traumatized by her birth.
Valley Mama Doula Care Fraser Valley
For those that may not be familiar, what exactly is a Doula, and what kind of services are available? 
The term "Doula" comes from ancient greece, and it meant "Woman's Slave". Nowadays, a Doula is someone who helps families during their birth, and if they are a Postpartum Doula, they can help you after your birth. A Doula is basically like a labour coach. We are there to help mom through her birth and labour by helping with comfort techniques, helping her to understand what is going on and helping to empower her through her labour. A Doula is not there to be your voice, but to help you find your own voice, and have it be heard and to help make you feel empowered. Doulas are not midwives and cannot perform any medical tasks, nor are we there to replace your partner/family members. We can help show partners what they can do during their partners labour, and show them ways to help them. We are there to help mom have the best experience possible, and to help answer any questions she may have during her pregnancy, and offer any tips to help make her pregnancy and labour easier. Most Doulas offer Birth and Labour services in which you are with a client throughout their pregnancy and help them during their birth and labour. There are also Postpartum Doulas who can help you make your postpartum period easier. Postpartum Doulas can help you with simple house chores, preparing healthy meals for you and your family, helping you with any breastfeeding/bottle feeding questions/difficulties you may have, and can even help to watch your baby while you just simply take a nap! Motherhood is hard, so when you surround yourself with an amazing support team, you will have a much easier time transitioning into your new role. 
Valley Mama Doula Care Fraser Valley
What are the benefits in having a Doula?
So some of the many benefits to having a Doula are:
50% Reduction in Cesarean Section
25% Shorter labour
60% Reduction in Epidural Requests
40% Reduction in Pitocin Use
30% Reduction in Forceps Delivery 
A Doula can also help you to create your birth plan, answer any questions you may have with Evidence based information, and can help show you pain management techniques, and to even help you partner become as engaged in the birth as they are comfortable with. 
Most women who use a Doula report being much happier and satisfied with their birth experience.
Valley Mama Doula Care Fraser Valley
What do you suggest to women looking to hire a Doula? 
Interview as many as you can. You want to make sure that the Doula you hire is someone you feel comfortable with, and that you feel like you can connect with. Most Doula's offer free consultations so you can both meet, and just see how you are with one another. If you do not feel comfortable with one Doula, it is ok to move on to another. This is Your birth, and you are hiring them to be with you on your journey. Please make sure that you both get along! 
3 Random facts about you.
I am a Montessori trained 3-5 Preschool & Kindergarten teacher
I love to go on Road Trips
I suffer from Chronic Migraines, and have for as long as I can remember. 
Valley Mama Doula Care Fraser Valley
You can find Tarin from Valley Mama Doula Care at: 
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