Women Wednesday - Meet Chelsea, the creator of Pretty Plum Boutique.

The foundation of Crane & Sparrow is to be a community where women can not only look good but feel good and do good as well. Crane & Sparrow is a place where women can feel inspired, and lift each other up - where we celebrate our successes and others as well. 

With that idea in mind, we wanted to introduce our newest weekly feature - Women Wednesday. Each week we'll be featuring a woman that is passionate about what she does in hopes to inspire and teach others along the way. 

Meet Chelsea - meet the baby and clothes designer from Pretty Plum Boutique. 

Pretty Plum Boutique

How did you start Pretty Plum Boutique? 

I started Pretty Plum Boutique not long after my second child was born. I always dreamed of what it would be like to own my own business and not have to work for anyone anymore. I followed tons of mom bosses and they really inspired me to fulfill my dream. When my daughter was 4 months old, I borrowed my moms sewing machine and decided to start with headbands and bibs, hoping that even if I just made my money back I would be happy. Almost 2 years later I’ve grown far beyond of my expectations and I couldn’t be happier! 

Pretty Plum Boutique

All of your products are handmade, tell us about your process.  

I pride myself on creating all of my products. That’s actually a question I get quite often is if I make everything myself. I pick the items for my shop that I would love my own kids to wear. I also source all my fabrics from Canadian fabric retailers. I make everything at my once was dining room table. I focus a lot on custom orders and markets, and I absolutely love making each item individually to what each person loves. 

Running a small business is tough, what are some of the obstacles you've had to overcome? 

For me I had a lot of self doubt with my business. Wondering if I had what it takes to be successful,  if anyone was going to love the products I’ve made. I still have times where I doubt my abilities to run my business and struggle to balance everything on my plate but it all eventually works itself out. 

What's your favorite part of running your boutique?

My favourite part about running my business is interacting with my customers. Seeing the items I make being worn brings me so much joy.

What advice would you give to other business owners? 

When you just start out it will be tough but just keep pursuing your dreams. There will be ups and downs and time you feel like giving up on your business but know if you put the effort in you will see a return! 

3 Random facts about yourself. 

I love learning about psychology, I am currently pursuing a degree in psychology (I can’t seem to decide if I’ll ever be done school) 

I am actually really shy until I get to know someone, when I do markets I really have to step outside my comfort zone. 

I despise ironing yet it plays such a huge role In my business 

You can find Chelsea at Pretty Plum Boutique by following: 
Instagram: @prettyplumboutique 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prettyplumboutique 

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