What We're All About

Our very first blog post! Wooo we're excited! So here's a chance to get to know Crane & Sparrow and what we're all about. 

Crane & Sparrow is a hip and trendy clothing store for women, but more than that, we're a community too. We want a place where women can look good, feel good, and do good. A place where women can be inspired, where women can learn, where women can give back, and where women can be celebrated. 

The Origin 

Crane & Sparrow has been a thought for quite some time. As a photographer at Teller of Tales Photography, we get the privilege of meeting a lot of people, many of those people are women. A lot of their questions and concerns about being photographed is primarily focused on not feeling comfortable or not knowing what to wear. Once we help guide them and go through the session, it's always such a great feeling when we have these women feeling confident about themselves and happy with their photos. We just knew we wanted a way to keep that feeling going. 

But it wasn't until we went through a very hard personal situation that Crane & Sparrow started to take shape. In August 2018 we lost our pregnancy - it was a deeply hard time, something I don't think you could ever prepare yourself for. It was truly an eye-opening experience on just how much more we need to do for women's health. With that in mind, Crane & Sparrow formed - a place where we as women can come together and give back to such an important cause in our lives - women's health. 

The name

The name Crane & Sparrow came from their symbolic meanings. With the crane symbolizing happiness, family, and longevity and the sparrow symbolizing community and inclusion, we thought it would be the perfect symbols to stand by. 

The Community

We have big plans to grow the Crane & Sparrow community, as anything though we have to start small and grow. To start we will be using real people as models, featuring women in our blog posts, and giving 1% of sales to women's health. 

You can participate in our social media community - as well as our VIP group on Facebook.  The VIP group is where we will be announcing model calls, exclusives, and information before we release it elsewhere. 

You can also nominate a woman in your life to be featured on the blog. This woman can be someone that inspires you, someone that's doing something in the community, someone that is doing amazing at her job - whatever it is, just send us the story! 

Another way to be featured on the blog, is by submitting a photo session that you were in with our clothing - we love seeing the photos as long as it's permitted by your photographer. 

We look forward to you joining the flock! 


  • Sandra Mc

    Congrats on your new blog and first post. Thank you for sharing the meaning of your business name, a wonderful back story.

  • Erin

    Congratulations on Crane & Sparrow! What an amazing concept and uplifting to women. I love that you will be featuring other women, have a place for women to nominate other influential women and be just completely transparent. Also, I love how your models are “real” Great job!

  • Adriane Thompson

    This is so exciting! Love the name and what you are doing with this shop. So sorry for your loss. I pray this provides you even more healing. Thanks for sharing. And as a photographer myself, loooooving the images!

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